The #1 ERP Platform For ITAD & IT Resellers

Ultimate Inventory | Asset Process Automation | DIY Reporting

Thousands of users in 22 countries process and resell over $800,000,000 of IT product annually. By far the most complete ERP for the industry with the most modules, advanced features and customer proven workflows for ITAD, Telecom, Servers, Notebooks, Phones and Parts resellers.

  • ONE TOUCH Asset Process Automation
  • Ultimate Inventory Management
  • Advanced DIY Custom Reporting
  • Quote, Sale & Purchase History by Condition

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Why ITAD & IT Resellers Choose IQReseller

IQ reseller has allowed us to offer asset management programs to our customers that we were unable to offer before. In addition the IQ reseller “Ultimate Inventory module” is the very best I have ever seen.

- James Norden

I cut my administrative time 50%. I was spending 80% of my day for administration, that decreased to 40% within thirty days of implementing IQ reseller into our organization.

- Jordan Wolf

We resell Cisco, HP, and Oracle/SUN; IQ reseller has critical IT reseller features that our prior application, Microsoft Dynamics Solomon, could not replicate even after extensive paid customizations.

- Elena Barrett

Features That Save You Time & Make You Money

  • Ultimate Inventory management
  • Low cost & easy implementation.
  • Integrate to anything with 350 API Endpoints
  • "Ripple Effect" Automations
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Reporting with automated scheduling.
  • Industry specific functions.
  • High level support on the first call.